About Us

The Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC) is a Learned Society formed in 1993 to further research and teaching activities in areas related to environmental studies in Canada. ESAC is a non-profit, federally incorporated, bilingual organization open to members from across Canada and elsewhere. Members are welcome from educational institutions, government agencies, and private sector and non-profit organizations.

ESAC members are primarily (though not exclusively) interested in social science and humanities approaches to environmental issues and problems. Obviously, there is a Canadian bias to what we do. However, our interests are broad-ranging. Currently they include the following:

Critical environmentalism; environmental thought; ecofeminism; deep ecology; social ecology; environmental education and communication; biological conservation; natural and environmental history; human ecology; environmental ethics; risk policy and perception; environmental policy and law; social movements and political ecology; environmental sociology and psychology; native studies; animal rights and welfare; environmental justice; technology and cultural studies; gender, labour, race and the environment; international development; sustainability and development; public participation; ecocriticism; and environmental literature.