Brock University, St. Catharines, ON.
May 27 – May 29, 2014
Part of Congress 2014 “Borders Without Boundaries”

The deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday, January 24th, 2014.

The Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC) is pleased to invite you to participate in its Annual Conference at Brock University as part of the Congress of the Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences 2014.

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As Canada’s leading association of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners involved in a diversity of environmental fields, ESAC facilitates networking and dialogue across environment-related fields and practices. The 2014 conference provides an excellent opportunity for delegates to take part in a lively exchange of ideas relating to the environment among students, researchers, members of NGOs, community groups, the public and private sector, academics, practitioners, policy makers, and activists. All are encouraged to make submissions on a broad range of issues and case studies including (but not limited to):

Knowledge and Environment Sustainable Livelihoods Climate Change
Environmental Education Resilience Community Sustainability
Politics of Environmental Knowledge Indigenous Peoples and Environment Environmental or Ecological Economics
Environmental Policy Sustainable Food Systems Gender and Environment
Marketing Sustainability Resource Management Environmental Psychology
Consumption/Production Political Ecology Sustainable Development

This year’s conference theme, “Borders Without Boundaries”, refers to the proximity of Brock University to the geopolitical border with the USA and primarily to the need to think, work and create beyond traditional disciplinary, historical, cultural and social boundaries.

We invite proposals for individual paper presentations, pre-organized panel sessions, poster presentations, or – new this year – PechaKucha talks!

Submission instructions – All proposals must be submitted by January 24th, 2014.

The conference organizing committee is accepting four distinct types of proposals:

  • Individual paper presentations of 15-20 minutes. Presenters will be placed in the most appropriate session available based on the topic or method.
  • Pre-Organized Panel Sessions of 1.5 hours. Sessions may include a series of papers (each 15-20 minutes long) on a single issue (with or without a discussion of the issue by a panel) or a workshop addressing a specific topic. Sessions must have a coordinator. The coordinator organizes the session, ensures their contributors are registered to the conference and are members of ESAC, and informs them of scheduling, etc. As part of the session proposal the coordinator should submit an abstract for the session along with the names of all contributors. Coordinators will then be required to follow up with a more detailed write-up including abstracts for each contribution by the end of March (to be used for the conference extended program).
  • Conference poster (and presentation). The ESAC Poster Competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students. Posters will be displayed and authors available for informal  during the ESAC Wine and Cheese Event on May 27th, 2013.  For further details when available see www.esac.ca.
  • PechaKucha presentations of six minutes and 40 seconds. Open to graduate students and presented at the PechaKucha Night (in collaboration with CAG).

All Submissions should clearly state the type of submission (ie. individual paper, pre-organized session, conference poster, or PechaKucha presentation, etc.) and include an abstract of 300 words or less including:

  • The object of study or theme of session
  • Theoretical framework, concept or research question/objective
  • Methodology or practice
  • Main conclusions
  • Relevance to the theme of Borders Without Boundaries
  • At least three keywords to assist the conference committee in assigning your paper to an appropriate session if not a self-contained panel or workshop proposal
  • The institutional affiliation and contact email of the contributor(s).

Submissions should be sent by email to ESAC2014@brocku.ca by January 24th, 2014. Acceptance e-mails will be sent out in March, 2014.
Further Information

You must be an ESAC member in good standing to present at the conference. Presenters not possessing membership will be removed from the program. Please visit http://www.esac.ca/join-esac/ for details on becoming a member of ESAC. All delegates must also register for both ESAC and Congress through the Congress registration website.
May 27: ESAC Opening Plenary and Program, Poster Competition, Wine and Cheese, Eco-Award
May 28: ESAC Program, PechaKucha Night (in collaboration with CAG)
May 29: ESAC Program, Banquet (in collaboration with CAG and CCA)

Keynote speakers already confirmed include:

Dr. Ella Haley

Dr. Haley is a founding member and Executive Director of Sustainable Brant, a founding Board member of the Langford Conservancy, and is a member of the National Farmers Union and the Ecological Farmers of Ontario. She is also an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Environmental Sciences at Athabasca University. Dr. Haley has worked tirelessly on land conservation issues, and has dedicated her career to bringing numerous stakeholders together for the betterment of community and environment. In 2013 Dr. Haley won ESAC’s ECO-Award for her outstanding contributions within the field of environmental studies.

Dr. Liette Vasseur

Dr. Vasseur is a full professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Brock University where she is also a member of the Women and Gender Studies program and the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, one of the five transdisciplinary spaces at the University. She currently leads the thematic group on Climate Change Adaptation of the Commission for Ecosystem Management of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Her research program is highly interdisciplinary and links issues such as community-based ecosystem management, climate change adaptation, resilience and sustainable agriculture. Her community-research work with the City of Greater Sudbury led her to receive in 2011 the Latornell Pioneers Award from Conservation Ontario. Her work focuses not only on Canada but also Africa and China, where she is a Minjiang Scholar at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University.

Program and Local Coordinators: Ryan Plummer and Luaine Hathaway, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, Brock University

ESAC Co-Presidents: Chris Ling and Shirley Thompson

Please visit www.esac.ca for further information and announcements or contact ESAC2014@brocku.ca if you have any questions.

3 Responses to “CALL FOR PAPERS – 2014 Annual Conference”

  1. ESAC Intern says:

    Please send your abstracts to esac2014@brocku.ca

  2. George Heighington says:

    Dear ESAC; I hope that I not too late. Under separate cover, I have sent a brief. From the years 1980 to 91, we wrestled with the Ontario Government over radioactive waste around and under our homes. We successfully launched litigation and at the Supreme Court of Ontario with witnesses, J.J. Robinette, T.M Guernsey and Dr. L.G. Cook before Justice R. E. Holland we received a judgement that created environmental case law. This case involved 48 lower socio economic multi cultural families who bonded with no signed agreements to seek justice.
    I spoke at a University of Toronto Environmental Conference in the Fall of 2013. Previous to that , there was the Summit on the Don by Dennis Mills

    • ESAC Intern says:


      Unfortunately, the deadline for submission consideration has passed. However this sounds like a very interesting topic, so please keep us in mind for next year’s conference!

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