Submission Deadline: 1st of September 2013

Antennae, The Journal of Nature and Visual Culture, is issuing a call for papers for its issue titled “Art, Environment, Sustainability.”

At the forefront of today’s social issues are questions related to the human relationship to nature and the environment, the meaning of a sustainable future and the relationship of environmentalism to modernity and today’s economic structures. While the sciences have, until recently, dominated the debate, the arts are making an increasingly important contribution. Antennae is seeking submissions to an issue focused on Art, Environment, Sustainability. We are seeking contributions that go further than being a mere rehashing of the narrative of environmental activism (the human as destroyer of nature; the dangers of climate change; extinction of species; etc, etc.) to address more fundamental meanings, explore ambiguities and engage with the complex societal questions that arise from the environmental and sustainability debate – and the role of the arts in that debate. We encourage potential contributors to be bold and creative in generating and exploring perspectives that move beyond the apocalyptic and often “preachy” culture of modern environmentalism.

Please submit 350 word proposals to antennaeproject[at]gmail.com by 1st September 2013 for one of the following formats

– Essays = length 6000-10000 words

– Artists’ portfolio = 5/6 images along with 500 words statement/commentary

– Interviews and discussions = maximum length 8000 words

– Fiction = maximum length 8000 words

– Other formats – by discussion with the editors.

Editor in Chief: Giovanni Aloi

Guest Issue Co-Editor: Joe Zammit-Lucia


About Antennae:

Antennae is a quarterly experimental, academic, peer-reviewed publication which broadens the debate on subjects such as animal and environment in Visual Culture. We take an eclectic editorial approach bringing together academic essays, fiction, feature articles, interviews and the use of high quality images. We aim to encourage contributors to engage in creative approaches that may not fit within the requirements of standard academic journals. Antennae has become a point of reference for academics, art connoisseurs, enthusiasts, artists, animal lovers, curators and students.

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