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Published on 06 March 2012 by in ESAC News


May 30, 31, and June 1 will be busy and fulfilling days of the biggest ESAC conference ever!

Check out these events from a jam-packed Thursday May 31st:

At 12:15PM, Thomas Homer-Dixon, author of The Upside of Down and CIGI Chair of Global Systems at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, will be speaking.

From 2-4PM, Steven Svenson will be presenting his documentary on tourism in post-Katrina New Orleans, Disaster Tours: New Orleans after Katrina. This will be the world premiere of the film, so be sure to check it out! To learn more about Svenson’s work, view clips from the film on youtube, and check out Svenson’s piece on Those Brad Pitt Houses in the latest edition of Alternatives Journal.

Finally, from 4-6PM, ESAC is pleased to present Bill McKibben as keynote speaker – LIVE from Middlebury Vermont. McKibben is the founder of and the author of a dozen books including Eaarth: Making a life on a tough new planet.

There will be so much more…. [All event rooms are TBA, and times may change.]
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